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About ABL Agency & Founder

The Birth of ABL Agency: Where It All Started

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and moved to the US at a very young age. Throughout my life, I have moved around a lot and this gave me the skills to adapt in any situation, in a very quick way. After graduating from Arizona State University with a film production degree, I moved to LA to pursue my career. I’ve worked in the film industry for over 13 years now and have had the opportunity to work in a variety of different crew and production positions. From the camera department to all different levels of production department, this has given me a clear understanding of the industry and life on set.


My own experiences of working in the camera and production departments gave me a personal approach to relate to my clients. The idea came to me when I was working as a Marketing agent in the camera world. After talking with production people and crew members directly, I came to the realization that there was not really any agency out there that represents only below the line crew members in film and tv or commercial content. With all of my contacts over the years and experiences, it became obvious to me that creating an agency like this was necessary, and I was up for it.

Above Below The Line (ABL) agency is a community and every position or person is meaningful.

ABL AGENCY - Below The Line Production Crew
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